Young White Police Woman’s New Black Master

Young White Police Woman’s New Black Master

by BlackBabyDaddyLover©

Author’s Note: This is a copy written work of fiction, for fantasy and entertainment purposes only.


Lieutenant Morgan, a corrupt inner city police officer, in the vice squad, sat at his office desk, and looked up at the wall clock. Five minutes to three. He had a three o’clock appointment coming to his office. He leaned back in his chair and smiled to himself as he thought about his plan.

At three he was expecting young officer Sally Summers, a 23 year old new police officer who had just graduated from their police academy, as the top graduate. She was a stunner who gave Morgan a hard on every time he saw her. About 5’6″, 125 pounds, 38D-26-38, he figured, with long natural blond hair, tied up in a bun while on duty, flawless white skin, and striking blue eyes. She was from a small upstate farming community, and had only moved to the big city for the first time to take her new police job. She was naïve, inexperienced, very idealistic, lacking in any street smarts, and ambitious. It was her ambition that Morgan was counting on to lure her into his trap. Rumor was she was a virgin to boot. Saving it for marriage.

The older, cynical vice officer had taught a class at the police academy that she was in. He had made some crude, off color remarks during one of his lectures there and Officer Summers had turned in a complaint on him. He got a letter of reprimand in his personnel file as a result. He planned to even the score big time.

There was a knock at the door. “Come in.” Summers entered. “Officer Summers, good to see you, please sit down.” She did. “Sally I’m really sorry about that misunderstanding we had a while back, and I’ve got a proposition to maybe make it up to you.”

“What could that be?” she asked.

“I know you are new to the city, but for those of us who’ve been working here for many years, we have had a major thorn in our side here for a long time. A bad ass black pimp and drug dealer who goes by the street name of, ‘Ace of Spades’. He runs most of the prostitution and drug dealing in our precinct. We’ve been trying to bring him down for a long time, but we just can’t make anything stick.”

“What does this have to do with me?” she asked.

“I’m getting to that. You’re brand new here. You’ve not worked on the street. Nobody knows you. Ace has a thing for young blonds. I’d like to put you undercover at his bar, the ‘Black Alley Cat’. He runs his operations from there. Has a pad and office in the back, but it’s a fortress. If we could get someone in there on the inside, even for a short time, we might be able to get enough info for a warrant or wiretap, and then we could bring him down. You’d be doing the city and department a great service, and if it works your reputation in the department would be made. With your school and academy record, you’d sail to the top.”

Sally liked the part about rapid promotion. That’s what Morgan was counting on. “Wouldn’t it be dangerous?” she asked.

“There would be risks, but we’ll have undercover officers outside the bar at all times. All you would have to do is hit a key on a special cell phone we would give you and they would be in there in 30 seconds. Now it’s very important if you do accept that you not tell anyone about this—friends, family, co-workers, no one. This is for your own safety. For the record you’ll be listed on special detached admin duty, but only I will know about your special assignment. You would need to tell friends and family that you will be out of touch for several weeks on a special, confidential assignment.”

She thought it over. She liked the idea about her bringing a major criminal down, and the rapid advancement that would follow. She was too inexperienced to recognize the danger.

“I can give you more time to think it over.”

“No, I’ll do it.”

“That’s great! I knew we could count on you. We’ll schedule some briefings next week to go over all the details.”

As she walked out the Lieutenant smiled to himself. Hook, line, and sinker he thought. She could not know that the Vice Officer had been on Ace’s payroll for years, and that the whole thing was a setup, which the pimp was looking forward to. He loved breaking in uppity, inexperienced, young, white blond girls. There would be no backup officers.

Two weeks later. Sally sat nervously at the bar of the ‘Black Alley Cat’. She had never spent time in an inner city neighborhood before, and was not comfortable or used to being around black people. There were no white men in the bar, but there were several white women, who looked to be from the wrong side of the tracks. She finished her first gin and tonic. She was wearing a low cut cocktail dress, which showed a lot of cleavage, which she never would have worn in her private life. Lieutenant Morgan had suggested it. No man had yet approached her, which she thought strange.

Then she felt a powerful presence behind her, and turned around. She looked into the eyes of the ‘Ace of Spades’ and shivered.

“How you doin’ tonite, baby doll?” he asked, in a deep, very masculine voice.

“Fine thanks,” she said, barely above a whisper. She was stunned by him. He filled up the whole room. He looked to be around 50. About 6’5″, 275 pounds, with a bald head, upon which light gleamed off a sheen of sweat. He looked like a retired pro football lineman, who had gained weight in the belly, but who was still very strong and powerful. He had diamond stud earrings, some gold capped teeth, and a giant gold chain and medallion around his neck. His shirt was open, revealing a powerful chest, covered with coarse steel-wool like swirls of hair. He smelled strongly of sweat, over powering cheap cologne, and a strong male scent, that unsettled the young girl, causing her to squirm in her seat. His lips were thick, pink, and wet. His skin was black as coal.

“Well, dat’s good. Never seen you in her before. You slummin’?”

“No, just exploring the world and getting out of my comfort zone.”

“Well we glad to have you. My name’s Ace.” He stuck out a giant hand, which overwhelmed her much smaller one. She felt his raw animal heat.


“Well nice to meet ya’. I see yo’ glass’s empty. What’s ya’ drinkin’?”

“Gin and tonic.”

“Charley,” he said to the bartender. “Get this pretty little lady another of our ‘special’ gin and tonics, on the house.” That was the code to lace the glass with a lot of ecstasy and a tranquilizer. “Comin’ up boss.”

Ace handed her the drink. “Boy you is a pretty little thing. That’s the prettiest blond hair I ever seen,” he said, as he gently stroked her long hair, looking down at her full breasts and licking his fat lips. She trembled and drank her glass down in nervousness. Soon she began to feel dizzy, light headed, disorientated, and warm all over. Her breasts felt warm and heavy, and they tingled, and this feeling slowly worked its way down between her legs. How could I feel this way? She tried to think? She felt almost faint.

“Baby doll you look a little under da weather. You need to rest a bit.” Saying that the giant took the much smaller young woman and walked her to the back of the bar. He came to a heavy steel door, and opened it with a special security key. He walked her through and bolted the door behind them. He walked her through an office and then into an apartment with a bedroom, living room, and kitchen. He sat her down on his king size bed.

“You’ll feel better with a little rest.”

“No I’m fine.” She couldn’t think clearly. But she just barely managed, with great effort, to find her cell in her purse and push the emergency key. Ace smiled at that. Morgan had briefed him fully on the setup.

“You wantin’ to make a call, young one?” He took the phone from her and smashed it flat under the heel of his boot. He kissed her cheek and ran his thick tongue up and down the side of her face and into her ear.

“No, please don’t do that…” He licked her lips, and then kissed her hard on her mouth, his lips completely covering her mouth, with his tongue completely filling the inside of her mouth. All the air was sucked from her lungs. In the back of her brain she felt distant fear, but she was too stunned and overwhelmed to move or speak. Ace began unzipping the back of her dress.

“No please, stop…”

“Now you hush baby doll. Yo’ daddy Ace gonna’ treat you right.” He stood her up and pulled her dress off. He reached behind her and unhooked her bra, which he began pulling off. She crossed her arms in front of her in a vain effort to stop him. Ace slapped her twice on the side of her head, just hard enough to daze her. Her arms fell to her sides, and the pimp grabbed the bra and threw it in a trash can. “My women don’t wear no bras or whitey cocktail dresses. Soon we get you clothes for the hood.” She looked up at him in fear and submission. “Now you just relax baby doll. Old Ace be takin’ care of you from now on. You just do what I say say an’ it’ll all be fine.”

He felt her full breasts and pinched the nipples. “Dem is fine milk titties!” he exclaimed. He liked the contrast of his black hand covering her white breast. It made him think of a black baby suckling milk there. Small electric shocks started going off in Sally’s womb. He started at her neck, and sucked, bit, and licked down to her nipples, leaving a wet trail of red marks and bite marks. “Oh you fine!” He ran his hand over her belly to her panties, which he ripped off, as if they were tissue paper. He ran his large fat fingers over her tight anus, then over her vaginal lips and clitoris, and then into her. She was very wet. His finger pushed inward until it hit her hymen. He could feel her vagina spasming and contracting. “Oh you really is a virgin! And a hot one too!” He put his finger in his mouth and licked the juice off, loudly smacking his lips. “Nothin’ sweeter than young blond virgin pussy juice! Finger lickin’ good!” He replaced his fingers with his large fat pink tongue, which was much bigger than most men’s penises, and made love to her vagina. She began having orgasms.

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh!” she moaned. She had never experienced this before. Ace got up and took off his clothes. When Sally saw his penis she began to come to her senses. It looked to be 14 inches long, and as thick as a beer can. She had no experience with men, but she grew up on a farm and was familiar with animal mating and procreation. His cock reminded her of one belonging to a horse. His balls were the size of two oranges, hanging low and heavy like over ripe fruit. Her uterus contracted as she thought of his powerful potency and her unprotected, fertile womb.

He walked toward her with his erection leading the way. She cowered before it like prey before a deadly serpent. Its coal black head was the size of a medium sized apple. Its opening was like the pulsating mouth of a fish, oozing clear fluid. She was over powered by his strong male odor. “No please Ace! I’m not on birth control. This is my fertile time.”

“Dat’s fine! Dat’s what I like! I give you a strong black baby. A real man’s baby! I gonna take care of you and break you in right.” She whimpered. “I gots something to take the edge off baby doll.” He reached into a drawer and pulled out a pipe and a rock of crack cocaine. He put the pipe in her mouth and began to light the crack. She struggled. “Please I don’t smoke or do drugs.” He raised his hand towards her. “I tol’ you little girl. Do what Ace says. I don’t wanna hurt you.” She calmed down and inhaled the smoke, coughing at first. “There you go. Now you gettin’ it done.” A wave of euphoria washed over her. Her fears and inhibitions disappeared, and she became wracked with sexual desire. “Now isn’t ‘dat better?” She nodded her head, her eyes wide open. He kissed her.

He pushed his giant erect penis against her face, playfully batting her with it, and smeared precum down the side of her face. He put the head against her mouth. Slowly at first and then with more eagerness she started kissing and licking the head. His fluid was sweet and salty, and she liked the taste. “Put yo’ tongue in that pee hole, and worship yo’ nigger cock!” She did. “No teeth now. Lick those balls!”

He prepared to mount her. “We gonna go slow and easy. I break you in right.” He eased in slowly. Ace moaned as he felt how tight, wet, and hot she was. She felt full and stretched, as if having a baby. Her vagina went into continuous orgasm, like machine gun fire. He nudged up against her hymen. “It gonna hurt, but ‘den feel real good.” He broke through. “Ahhhhhhhhhhhhh,” she yelled. He stopped at the opening of her womb and held still, till she calmed down. She felt pain, but the cascade of pleasure drowned it out. He began stroking, and she had never experienced such joy. She wanted more. She wanted his powerful seed, rich with the DNA of Central Africa. She grasped his big, muscular shoulders. “Oh Ace, I want your sperm! I want your black child!” Ace let go, bellowing like a bull, and she lost her mind. Tidal surge after tidal surge of hot, thick, solid white African Seed flooded her womb, filling every millimeter of space there. She could feel it pulsating and seething within her, like a hurricane, finding and engulfing her ripe, fertile eggs. She knew she would be pregnant, and that her religious beliefs, and Ace, would never allow her to have an abortion. She accepted this and surrendered to it. She felt as one with this powerful black man, their DNA merging in her womb in the most intimate joining possible. He had brought her womanhood and motherhood all at once. She would be his forever……

Later. Ace rolled on his back, after hours of lovemaking. He was finally satisfied. “Okay baby doll, now you lick ole Ace clean.” Without hesitation she began licking his cock and balls clean, like a cat licking cream. She savored the taste of him, and the strong male scent of his balls……

Ace slept soundly, lightly snoring. Sally was nestled within his tree trunk like arms, where she felt very safe, secure, satisfied, protected, and content. She wondered what their child would be like. Big, strong, very black, and male she thought. She wanted to honor her man by having his child, a child in his image. She would later learn that her black lover had fathered many children with many different women. She gently stroked the large slabs of his powerful chest, and the soft cushion of his fat belly, which she found very sexy, liking the feel of his thick, coarse chest and belly hair. She sucked his large, salty tasting nipples, inhaling and enjoying his strong, unique, masculine scent. She couldn’t get his large and potent penis and testicles out of her mind. She didn’t want to be away from them, or stop thinking about them, with all their dark beauty, strength, potency, and fertility. She reached down and caressed them, liking the heavy weight and large size of his balls, and the slick, clear, sweet fluid still oozing out of the large opening at the head of his penis. She could almost get her small finger inside his large pee hole. She brought her finger, now coated with his clear male fluid, to her nose and then to her mouth to taste. As she did so her womb started gently contracting. She was filled with contentment……

Seven Months Later. Lieutenant Morgan and another officer drove up to the inner city high rise housing project in an unmarked police car. It was 10 am. “You stay here. I won’t be too long,” Morgan said to the other officer. He walked into the trash strewn lobby, and saw the elevators weren’t working. He walked up the stairwell to the seventh floor. The stairwell smelled of urine, and was filled with old newspapers, broken bottles, and graffiti. He knocked on her scratched steel door. “Who is it?” “It’s Morgan.” She opened up several locks, and opened the door on a chain and saw that it was him and let him in.

“What do you want?”

“I have some papers for you to sign.” He looked at her. Her face was older, a little tired, and somewhat blank. She was wearing some skimpy shorts, and a low cut halter bra, and was barefoot. Her naked belly was hugely pregnant, and her breasts had doubled in size, barley held up by the tiny bra. Her blond hair was braided into tight ghetto style corn rows, and her lips were very fat and large from collagen injections. She had a large black ‘Ace of Spades’ tattoo on her breast.

The one room apartment, with a concrete floor, reeked of cigarette smoke. Sally inhaled deeply on a long menthol cigarette. The folding card table had an ash tray that was overflowing with cigarette butts. In her hand she held a 20 ounce can of malt liquor, which she was drinking from.

“Well a lady in your condition should sit down.” She sat in a folding chair near the card table. Morgan stood by her. “Taken up smoking have you?”

“Ace likes his women to smoke.”

With a finger he traced the outline of the large black tattoo on her breast. “I like your tat.” He patted her naked beach ball like belly gently. “I guess you’re gonna have a souvenir from this assignment.” She remained expressionless. Something caught his eye. A pipe. He picked it up and put the bowl to his nose. “If I didn’t know better I’d say this’s a crack pipe.” He set it down and opened an envelope and set some papers on the table. He handed her a pen. “Sign here,” he pointed.

“What is it?”

“Your resignation from the PD. Some wanted to prosecute you, but I arranged a quiet resignation, no questions asked.” She signed without reading the papers. “Good. I think Ace did you a favor. You’ll be a better mother, than a cop.” At that, she felt a strong kick in her belly from her baby. Her swollen breasts tingled as if it was time to feed the child. She had lost her past life, and didn’t regret it, and now she had become very attached to her baby to be. She liked being pregnant and was looking forward to having Ace’s baby, breastfeeding it, and being a mother. Everyone in the hood knew she was one of Ace’s women, and treated her with respect. She smiled to herself and stroked her belly. Growing up on a farm and seeing many stallions and bulls mate had subconsciously predisposed her to want to have a child by a very strong, primal man.

Having one of his babies conferred a lot of status on the mother, even if she was white, within this black inner city community. The mother and child became something like minor royalty here. She was looking forward to taking her new black baby out on strolls in the nearby park, and publically feeding it there and in local shops and restaurants. Unlike in the white part of town, here there was no shame, restriction, or embarrassment associated with public or long term breastfeeding, which was encouraged and supported here. Sally thought of herself now as part of this black community, and no longer part of the white one. She had learned that with a powerful black lover, and black children, a white woman could be fully integrated and accepted in this inner city neighborhood, which she now did not like to leave, especially if they lived in public housing like everyone else. She had met several other white women in the same situation, and knew this to be true. (The contrary was also true–no white man could ever be accepted here under any circumstances.)

Sally found the people in her new neighborhood to be more open, supportive, honest, and less hypocritical than those in her former life. And though unconventional in some areas, when it came to child rearing they were very conservative. They believed the woman’s place was at home, with lots of children, as a full time mother, submissive to her current baby daddy, and that the males should have tremendous freedom and latitude, not being tied down by marriage or child support. If a woman had children by different men that was okay too.

She understood and respected that a strong man like her baby daddy and master needed a harem of many young white women, each with his black babies, just as was the case with stallions and bulls on her family farm. She felt a close bond with these other women and their children, as if they were all part of a big, supportive family. These women all helped each other out with child care, and anything else that was needed.

She was always thrilled when she got the call from her man that one of his assistants would soon be coming over to take her to him for the night. And how after several hours of strenuous love making, she was able, for a brief moment, to sate his prodigious sexual appetite, and temporarily tame the wild beast within him. She took great pride in this, and it gave her a sense of power, as she watched him then relax into a deep, childlike sleep. Upon waking he always wanted a blow job, and his woman to swallow every drop of his never ending, river like flow of seed, which was a great challenge for the woman, and entailed much rapid fire swallowing, with a relaxed throat. She relished the rich taste of his seed, which lingered in her mouth for hours, and the feel of its thick texture. She was certain she could feel his hot sperm cells wriggling and convulsing on her tongue, in her throat, and in her belly, where they filled her like a tasty omelet. She liked to take some of his sperm from her mouth onto her finger, and stare at it, and sniff it. It was thick, solid white, jelly like, and warmed her finger. Again she was certain she could see and feel his large sperm cells moving on her finger, and she was in awe of this wondrous, thick fluid that put a ten pound black infant in her belly, that she would soon give birth to, and who would enter the world sharing her genes, in a supporting role, with those of her black master. The thought of this made her glow.

After he had his morning release she made him a big southern breakfast, of ham, eggs, grits, potatoes, pancakes, and juice, and served it to him in bed. When he was done she gave him a bath and massage. Then he either took a nap or watched sports on TV, while she cleaned his apartment, did his laundry, and grocery shopping. If he was in the mood, in the afternoon he often liked to take her out in public, on display, especially to a white suburban shopping mall. They, along with his driver and a body guard in tow, would walk through the white crowds, which parted for them like for Moses. Their body language and gestures conveyed to everyone around them that she had submitted everything to him. She wore ghetto outfits that left her huge pregnant belly bare, to remind all that she was willingly and enthusiastically carrying a black child. They enjoyed the expressions of the white middle class people who passed around them—awe, shock, fear, envy, respect, jealousy, desire, inadequacy…… Morgan interrupted her reverie. “And remember,” he said, pointing to her big belly, “Old Ace never stops at one.”

She smiled again. “That’s fine. I’ll have as many of his children as he wants. A man like that doesn’t allow his women to use birth control and that’s fine by me. I’m glad to be one of his women……he owns you too, just about as much as me, doesn’t he?”

He walked over to her and felt her heavy breasts. “That’s true he does……well it looks like you’ll have a lot of milk for his baby. I think there is something really beautiful about a white woman nursing a black baby.”

“Me too.”

Morgan stroked her cheek. “If you need anything from me, just let me know. I need just one thing for the road baby. I cleared it with Ace.” He sat down in the other folding chair, unzipped his pants, and took his penis out. Compared to that of her black lover’s, it was miniscule. She smiled at this thought, and felt no ill will toward this crooked cop because it was he who brought her to her powerful black lover, and father of her child.

“Sure, why not. You’re really like part of the family. I want you to be the baby’s godfather.” She took one more long drag on her cigarette, and stubbed it out, and then a long swallow from her malt liquor can, and then she was down on her knees, on a cushion, giving the cop an expert blowjob. She loved giving a man a blow job even more than he did receiving it. She liked the taste, look, and feel of a penis. She liked arousing the man, satisfying him, and then tasting and swallowing his life giving seed. She felt great power in doing this. Damn the cop thought, Ace really knows how to break them in!

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